An Easy Meal for Headache Monday

I meant to post this yesterday, but instead I spent my evening getting my blog set up on Twitter and Facebook.  I’m kind of regretting the Facebook page, though.  Should I delete?  If you have a blog, is it on Facebook?

Anyhoodle.  Headache Monday is the day of the week when I make a super simple, possibly packaged, meal.  That’s because I get headaches every Monday.  I have no idea why this is–I guess my body is just rebelling against the idea of a traditional 5 day work week.  But ohkeeka, you say, don’t you work from home?  Don’t you sit on the couch eating bon bons and watching TV all day?  Well yes, I do watch TV all day.  But I don’t eat bon bons!  Mondays are when the weekly report for my team is due and it takes a while to get all that data together–lots of statistics and fun things like that. No, working from home isn’t as glamorous as people think it is.  I do have a real job with real stresses, it just happens to be that I can do it from home.  And have Bad Girls Club marathons playing on TV in the background.

So today’s meal presented me with a challenge.  I had picked the recipe out as part of the “Oh snap, we need to use these sauces and condiments before we move” deal and it calls for Chinese broccoli.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t find it at the grocery store.  Boo.  So I decided to make it into a fusion recipe by substituting broccoli rabe.  East meets west, y’all!  I don’t know the copyright implications of posting a recipe that I didn’t create on my blog (I used to be a librarian, so I’m super mindful of copyright stuff after being busted by a supervisor for helping someone make color copies of paintings out of a book–oops), but it’s from Vegetarian Times: Chinese Broccoli with Black Bean Sauce and Garlic.  For a protein, I made two pieces of White Wave Asian marinated tofu, grilled on our George Foreman grill.  I don’t think George Foreman intended his grill for tofu cooking, but it works well!

Headache Monday Meal - Broccoli Rabe
I clearly need to work on both my photography skills (or maybe just use something better than a phone to take my pictures?) and food styling.  But anyway!  This recipe was really easy to make–super, super simple.  Perfect for Headache Monday.  Broccoli rabe is definitely an acquired taste, though.  If you don’t like bitter greens, you probably won’t like broccoli rabe.  I imagine that Chinese broccoli is less bitter if, as the recipe says, the taste is a cross between regular broccoli and broccoli rabe.  Maybe someday I’ll try this recipe again with the real deal.

Do you have a day of the week that you need to make easy meals?  What are your typical go-to foods for that?  Do you get headaches on Monday?  And why, after writing this post, do I have “Everybody’s Working for the Weekend” stuck in my head?


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  1. Russanna says

    My blog is not on facebook. I know this is odd, but I'm way more comfortable having strangers read my thoughts and blog than people I actually know, so I haven't advertised it to many people. I sent out an e-mail in the beginning about doing a blog to some select friends, but otherwise, I haven't posted it. Have you had a positive response on facebook so far? I totally love when others share their blogs there, but I'm not there yet 🙂

  2. Hilary says

    I just put my blog on facebook, and I am not sure if I love it or hate it… While I think it is cool that people I know read me, it puts more pressure to watch what I say. I love brocoli rabe, but it took me a while.

  3. Splendiferous Girls says

    Thank you for stopping by my blog yesterday and being my 100th follower "Can I get a woot woot"…I think mondays are the day I have to make something seems to be the longest day of the week for us here..again thanks for the follow.

  4. Bobbi says

    Thanks for the follow, I'm now doing the same in return. Good luck with the buying of the house. Hope to see you again soon. BJ @DATssocute

  5. Kimberly says

    every Monday? wow. no fun. I get migraines chronically, but no longer every week. and I am more of a Frid-Sun headache person- from the hustle & Bustle of the week.

    My Monday was "get your own dinner". No one wanted spaghetti- so I figured they could get their own food.

    [stopping by from Mid Week Mingle Blog Hop]

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