A Beginner's Guide to Growing Your Own Vegetables: Spring Edition

A Beginner’s Guide to Growing Your Own Vegetables: Spring Edition

Do you think February is too soon to think about gardening? No! It’s not! You should be thinking about gardening now. Or last month. (Or really, always. You should always think about gardening.) I start my plants from seed because it lets me grow weird things they don’t sell as transplants–edamame, purple carrots, yellow strawberries…. 

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Red Lettuce - November 2012

Garden Update | Well, I have a lot of lettuce!

Let’s start with the positive. Lettuce! So much lettuce! I really need to start making more salads. These red leaves are just screaming, “Make a salad with us! Toss us with delicious apples and pears and walnuts!” They’ve withstood the chilly morning temperatures so far, but I think I should probably use them before we… 

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Garden Update | Long Beans: Delicious But Slightly Creepy Looking

Am I the only one who feels slightly unsettled by long beans? They remind me of tentacles. Or creepy long fingernails. You see it too, right? I’m not crazy, right? …but hey, at least they taste good! So there’s that! I was just complaining about how I never get more than a dozen or so… 

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Garden Update | Growing Beans & Cucumbers in Containers

Last summer, I grew my cucumbers and beans in my raised bed. The cucumbers started off strong, but ended up succumbing to powdery mildew. And the beans–well, there was pretty much nothing left on the leaves after the beetles were done with them. This year, I’m growing some beans and one cucumber plant in the… 

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Herbfest Haul

Garden Update | Wake Forest HerbFest & Spring Gardening

I’ve been waiting all year for the Wake Forest HerbFest because that’s the kind of garden nerd I am. It’s basically a giant plant sale held in downtown Wake Forest. As you can probably guess, the focus of the sale is herbs, but they have heirloom veggies as well, which is a good thing because… 

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Catmint April 1

Garden Update | Stunted Seedlings & Reemerging Perennials

I almost decided not to post a garden update this week because I’m so bummed about my seedlings. They all seem to have stopped growing after about two weeks, and now they’re turning yellow and losing leaves too. After doing some research, I’ve concluded that the problem was probably over-watering. I’m killing my plants with… 

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Garden Update | Now I know why you start legumes outside…

…because they grow crazy fast. I was worried if I sowed my pea and edamame seeds directly in the ground, slugs or other insects would find a way to kill the newly sprouted seedlings. I thought starting them inside would be a good idea so that by the time I transplanted them, they’d be able… 

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Plants on Windowsill

Garden Update | All About Spring Seed Starting

This week I started a bunch of seeds for spring and summer: kale (three kinds!), Swiss chard, lettuce, peppers, eggplant, tomatoes, basil, and a few others. But since it’s not too exciting to share a bunch of pictures of dirt with you, I thought I’d write a post about spring seed starting in general. So…… 

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Garden Update | Mold in my Seed Starting Flats. Sob!

So I have a little problem with mold in my seed starting flats. Perhaps you gathered that from the title of this post? I have the seeds in my office/craftroom and the door is closed so the cats can’t get them. And I’m pretty sure this is the issue–the air isn’t circulating. It probably doesn’t… 

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Limp Chard Leaves

Garden Update | Getting a Head Start on Spring Gardening

Last week I cracked open my copy of Month-by-Month Gardening in the Carolinas thinking I’d make a calendar for when I should start planting different types of spring vegetables. I was patting myself on the back for being ahead of the game and then I saw that some seeds should be started in January–so, once… 

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